We’ve surpassed 230 observations, folks! Fantastic. So far we have 34 different butterfly species reported for Woodend. I think that’s nowhere near complete, so keep up your surveys. We still need photo confirmation of a few of the reported species as well, most recently Cloudless Sulphur (larger than our more common Clouded Sulphur). Keep an eye out. Also likely to show up in our area soon: Clouded Skipper, Ocola Skipper, and Sleepy Orange. I think we may just get to 40 species confirmed at Woodend by the end of October if the weather holds. Cross your fingers. (That would be a fantastic accomplishment for the project’s first year, by the way. More than 30 is already great!)

Currently in the lead for most observations logged on iNaturalist is nmina123b with 80, mdnaturalist follows with 71. That may not be a completely accurate list of who’s seen each butterfly, of course, since when we team up only one person reports to iNaturalist but both probably saw the butterfly. Still, great work!

Hope to see you all soon for a nice potluck brunch at Woodend. I sent an email out this morning with some dates to choose from. If a weekday brunch doesn’t work for you, I’ll try to have a different time of day for the next meeting.

Keep up the good work!